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Department of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Curriculum: Medicine (bachelor-master integrated studies)

Autumn semester

ARTH.03.006 Epidemiology and Biostatistics (5 ECTS)
ARTH.04.045 Health Promotion (4 ECTS)

ARTH.01.045 Environmental and Occupational Health (5 ECTS)

Spring semester

ARTH.02.056 History of Medicine (3 ECTS)
ARTH.02.055 Medical Theory and Ethics (3 ECTS)

ARTH.02.082 Principles of Communication and Health Behaviour in Medicine (4 ECTS)

MVPT.04.005 Introduction to Global Health (3 ECTS, elective course for students from health or health-related fields)

Department of Family Medicine

Curriculum: Medicine (bachelor-master integrated studies)

Autumn semester

ARPO.01.042 Patient-centred Communication (3 ECTS)

Spring semester

ARPO.01.032 Family Medicine I (3 ECTS)
ARPO.01.031 Family Medicine II (4 ECTS)

Department of Nursing Science

Curriculum: Medicine (bachelor-master integrated studies)

Spring semester

AROT.01.041 Nursing procedures (3 ECTS)

Curriculum: Nursing Science (master studies)

Autumn semester

MVPT.02.011 Patient-centredness and Clinical Health Promotion (3 ECTS)

Spring semester

MVPT.02.007 Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis (2 ECTS)

MVPT.02.006 Basics of Research Methodology I (5 ECTS)

AROT.00.069 Methods of Learning and Teaching in Nursing (3 ECTS, e-course)

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