With the help of family doctors, more than 3,700 people were included in lung cancer screening

In Estonia, a total of over 800 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed annually in men and women. The purpose of the pilot project conducted in cooperation between the University of Tartu, the Clinic and the Health Development Institute is to evaluate the possibilities of detecting lung cancer through screening at the earliest possible stage. 20 lung cancer patients have already been diagnosed and referred for treatment.

Tanel Laisaar, associate professor in thoracic surgery at the University of Tartu, said that lung cancer is second only to prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women worldwide. Lung cancer occurs in the elderly, and the risk increases after the age of 50-55. years of life. The biggest risk factor for lung cancer is, of course, smoking, and it exceeds all other risk factors several dozen times. "A big problem with lung cancer is that the cancer is often diagnosed at an advanced stage, when treatment options are limited. The solution would be effective screening."

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