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Külaline Ameerika Ühendriikidest Barbara Oakley ( peab 19. mail kell 13.0015.00 Biomeedikumis (Ravila 19, ruum 4061) online-õpetamise ajastu võlu ja vaeva arvestades loengu "Effective Teaching & Learning: Dramatic New Insights from Neuroscience".

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A growing body of research insight from neuroscience has revealed many surprises when it comes to teaching. For example, some forms of seemingly “rote” learning can engage students’ sophisticated pattern recognition systems, which can be invaluable in making math or language easier to learn, particularly at more advanced levels. And there are further surprises—for example, just because students know how to solve a problem in math or have learned a skill in sports does not necessarily mean that they can—or should—be able to explain it. In fact, forcing some neurally diverse students to explain their reasoning when they can already demonstrate their understanding can actually kill their motivation for deeper learning.

In this talk, we will explore these and other counterintuitive insights from research that can allow you to make intelligent use of students’ differing underlying approaches to learning. We will also explore the intimate connection between retrieval practice in math and the metaphors used in art, music, and poetry."

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