Working collaboratively with vulnerable women to identify the best implementation gains by screening cervical cancer more effectively in European countries (CBIG-SCREEN)

The aim of CBIG-SCREEN: To create a Europe-wide knowledge framework about the barriers for accessing cervical cancer screening, and to inform the policies, programmes, communications, and other required actions to effectively serve vulnerable subpopulations of women with inherent high risk for cervical cancer and low (perceived) access to proper healthcare routes. We aim to deliver tailored cervical cancer screening programmes for subgroups of vulnerable women, which we believe will accelerate elimination of cervical cancer in Europe.

The Approach: Through stakeholder engagement, mathematical analyses, and structured reviews of current policies, the consortium will create a deep understanding of current shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. This will be directly translatable to tailored sub-programmes geared at vulnerable subpopulations. By generating evidence on effectiveness and sustainability of such tailored strategies, we will facilitate evidence-based policy making.

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